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What is CrossFit? We know the textbook definition of CrossFit is that CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program designed around "constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity." But what does that really mean? The key word in that is functional and the best way I can define it is by giving you examples of everyday life situations: picking up a really heavy a narrow or wide box off the floor and putting it on an overhead shelf, or pushing a car in neutral because it is out of gas. I have to chase my dog down to the corner or having to jump a wall to get a soccer ball. There are more of those examples, but I am sure you get the idea. Would you be able to do these things independently and safely? Our mission here at This IS CrossFit is to educate our members on how to execute these "functional movements" correctly and safely. Our job is to make our members stronger and faster. We make sure we target mobility and flexibility. We assist with nutritional awareness. We help our members achieve goals they never thought possible! If you recently bought our Living Social Deal, give us a call! Our beginner's classes are filling up fast. Tenemos classes en espanol si eso es su preferencia.

This Is Crossfit